Spotlight on John Williams

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Valentine Michaud (Saxophon). Fabian Ziegler (Vibraphone). Diego Caruso (Double Bass).  Kevin Griffiths (Conductor). City Light Symphony Orchestra.

Modern Gods

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Modern Gods. Fabian Ziegler (Percussion), Akvilė Šileikaitė (Piano) Music by John Psathas - Sound: Mario Bruderhofer. Design: Lauryna Narkeviciute. Price: CHF 25.- (CD) CHF 60.- (Vinyl) (incl. sending in CH) 

Gods, Rhythms, Human

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Debut CD. Fabian Ziegler (Percussion), Akvilė Šileikaitė; Benjamin Engeli (Piano), Luca Staffelbach (Vibraphone). Credits - Sound: Mario Bruderhofer. Photo: Akvilė Šileikaitė. Design: Marija Krasnovskyte. ARS Produktion: Annette Schumacher. Price: CHF 20.- (incl. sending in CH)