Soirée Française - TrioColores

In the current program "Soirée française" the TrioColores focuses on French music of the 19th and 20th century and in the center are the composers Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint-Saëns and Darius Milhaud. The extraordinary sense of instrumentation and timbre of these same composers is at the heart of their arrangements, allowing the works to shine on their instruments in a modern, contemporary way and in new colors. Thanks to the multifaceted sound world of the percussion instruments, they lend nuanced timbres to the works and make the already familiar resound anew. Look forward to familiar music in a new guise.

Visuals Are The Sounds - Fabian Ziegler

Do we see sounds or hear images? Image and sound have always been strong partners - in film, visual art and many other areas of our lives. Images and visualizations can amplify what we hear and sometimes make it more tangible. With the program "Visuals Are The Sounds" Fabian Ziegler presents a program with percussion instruments, played live, electronics to expand the sound spectrum and visualizations and video for a pictorial representation, support of what is heard or even presentation of entire cities.

Modern Gods - an immersive experience

In ancient times, people had a relationship with the gods; today, they have one with technology. In ancient times, people were not allowed to disappoint the gods; today, we are not allowed to disappoint our followers. Who follows, controls and judges us? Do we sacrifice our time and lives to the gods or to modern technologies? In today's society, our self-image reflects the way others see us; therefore, it is easy to manipulate us. John Psathas' music questions the relationship between humans, gods and technology in different ways. Creatures, the Furies and Maenads in View from Olympus, once watched over humans and obeyed the wishes of the gods. The sacred halos: secretly protecting humans, and nowadays present in a different form. And RealBadNow: a reflection on the power of modern technology - whose influence on us depends on our own deeply human behaviour.